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Black Football returns with more loaded content, new inserts, and fresh new designs, featuring the hottest rookies from the 2022 NFL Draft Class!

Look for limited memorabilia cards 1 per box, with Futuristic, Rookie Influx and new in 2022, Starlight Materials!

New in 2022, look for the return of these eye-popping short prints: White Night, Regulators and ForceField! Also look for the brand new Vanta insert!

Chase on-card autographs with the always-popular Midnight Signatures, Capstones, Smoke Show Signatures, Spotlight Signatures and new to 2022: Night Lights Signatures!

Look for a new Autograph cardset in Iconic Impact Ink, featuring autographs from some of the NFL's biggest stars in Trapped-Acetate!


BASE: Find a 200-card base ser, including 100 Rookies! Find all of the current and futture stars!

-Base Silver #'d/75
-Base Sapphire #'d/35
-Base Copper #'d/25
-Base Emerald #'d/10
-Base Gold #'d/5
-Base Platinum #'d 1/1


-Rookies Silver #'d/75
-Rookies Sapphire #'d/35
-Rookies Copper #'d/25
-Rookies Emerald #'d/10
-Rookies Gold #'d/5
-Rookies Platinum #'d 1/1

NIGHT LIGHTS: Light up your collection with the brand new Night Lights Signatures! Hunt for the brightest Stars from the NFL's past and present!

-Night Lights Signatures Max #'d/50
-Night Lights Signatures Silver Max #'d/25
-Night Lights Signatures Gold Max #'d/10
-Night Lights Signatures Platinum #'d 1/1

ROOKIE PATCH AUTOGRAPHS: Returning in 2022, hunt for the fan-favorite Rookie Patch Autographs Max #'d/199

-Rookie Patch Autographs Silver Max #'d/99
-Rookie Patch Autographs Copper Max #'d/50
-Rookie Patch Autographs Emerald Max #'d/25
-Rookie Patch Autographs Gold Max #'d/10
-Rookie Patch Autographs Platinum #'d 1/1

ROOKIE SIGNATURE MATERIALS: New to Black Football in 2022: Hunt for Rookie Signature
Materials! Featuring some of the most dynamic rookies entering the League in the 2022 NFL Draft!

-Rookie Signature Materials Max #'d/99
-Rookie Signature Materials Silver Max #'d/50
-Rookie Signature Materials Copper Max #'d/25
-Rookie Signature Materials Emerald Max #'d/10
-Rookie Signature Materials Gold Max #'d/5
-Rookie Signature Materials Platinum #'d 1/1

SIZEABLE SIGNATURES ROOKIE JERSEY: Returning in 2022, look for oversized jersey-patch autographs in Sizable Signatures Rookie Jerseys and find all the top rookies from the 2022 NFL Draft!

-Sizeable Signatures Rookie Jersey Max #'d/99
-Sizeable Signatures Rookie Jersey Silver Max #'d/50
-Sizeable Signatures Rookie Jersey Emerald Max #'d/5
-Sizeable Signatures Rookie Jersey Gold Max #'d/2
-Sizeable Signatures Rookie Jersey Platinum #'d 1/1

STARLIGHT MATERIALS: New in 2022: Chase the new insert- Starlight Materials, featuring
memorabilia from some of the NFL's best veterans and uo-and-coming players, Max #'d/150!

-Starlight Materials Silver Max #'d/99
-Starlight Materials Copper Max #'d/50
-Starlight Materials Emerald Max #'d/25
-Starlight Materials Gold Max #'d/10
-Starlight Materials Platinum #'d 1/1

ICONIC IMPACT INK: Brand new in 2022: Look for Iconic Impact Ink, featuring trapped-acetate autographs of the NFL's brightest stars!

-Iconic Impact Ink Max #'d/50
-Iconic Impact Ink Silver Max #'d/25
-Iconic Impact Ink Emerald Max #'d/10
-Iconic Impact Ink Gold Max #'d/5
-Iconic Impact Ink Platinum Max #'d 1/1

1 Pack per Box, 5 Cards per Pack