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Breaks After Dark

BREAKS AFTER DARK is a full-scale live production that takes place on set, three days per week. Here, we break the hottest new card boxes and pull the biggest gems while we, and our audience, have a great time doing it. At our studio, there are always very special guests that stop by for some fresh pack rips that range from NHL Players to Rockstars, to you, watching at home! Come hang with the #MintinkCommunity for as long as you like (sometimes, we go for HOURS) and connect with our unparalleled, passionate audience.

Live auction

LIVE AUCTIONS take place on our Instagram (@mintink10) every Wednesday & Sunday at 8pm EST. Every auction contains a variety of graded slabs, lots & R=raw cards! Our community live streams our auctions and engages with us, LIVE, in a very exciting social media experience! Join us for the biggest hits, right from your phone screen!

Mintink Mic

CHRONICLES OF MINTINK is a one-on-one, intimate interview experience with our special guests. What do we do outside of the hobby? Are they involved in any charitable causes? What’s going on NOW that we need to know? Live from our studio, and sent straight to your phone, Chronicles of Mintink embodies the lifestyle of the #MINTINKCOMMUNITY.


Special Guests

AJ Galante

AJ Galante



Former Danbury Trashers Owner

Steven Caldwell

Steven Caldwell



Retired Pro Footballer

Ricky Romero

Ricky Romero



Retired MLB Pitcher

Paul Wall

Paul Wall



HIP-HOP artist